5 Best Ways to Increase your Website Traffic using Social Media

5 Best Ways to Increase your Website Traffic using Social Media

How can I use social media to increase my Website Traffic?

If you’ve just started your business and collected social media profiles for your company’s brand on various networks, your thoughts are safe with questions like “How to get followers and likes?” “How can I use social media to drive traffic to my site?”

Or if you have the certain amount of traffic you get to a point when you try to think:

“How can I further increase my Website Traffic?”

Do not worry!

After reading this article, you’ll have all your answers.

Right social media strategy is much needed to drive traffic from social channels to your WooCommerce private store or any page you want to rank for. You just have a realization of what to do on social media to increase your web traffic/

Nowadays people spend a lot of their time on social media that’s why there is a huge opportunity to take advantage of by using strategic planning and perfect tools that help you to increase conversion rate.

Following are the top five best ways to drive traffic from social media channels to your website or online store or the page of your website you want to rank on Google.

1. Choose the right social media channel for your business

When choosing the best social media channels for your business, make sure the resource you choose is right for your business.

You don’t have to be on all social media channels, just those that will help you best achieve your goals. Since creating a profile does not cost anything, it will take some time to manage! Facebook and Twitter are great tools for B2C (business to consumer) communication.

LinkedIn is ideal for B2B communication. Even in a business company, people are a key element. Companies are groups of people, not attractive to people, and companies interest you.

Pinterest refers to images (infographics and photos, all visually informative and related to your brand). Marketers love Instagram because it gives them a great opportunity to introduce their products.

Speaking of costs in seconds? On the surface, social media costs you (or the person you trust the job to) several hours a day, which is nothing compared to the sales growth it can bring you. By significantly increasing your website traffic, all you have to do is close the deal.

It’s all about being present!

2. Sharing the same content more than once

To share content multiple times on social networks, you’ll need to develop a simple schedule that includes some instructions on how often you want to post your content to each network. With this schedule, you can ask the following questions:

  • How often can I share it on each network? What is acceptable
  • Is there a favorite time I want to remember?
  • How long is my content fresh or shared?
  • How much should I put between each new social post?
  • How can I diversify my social media schedule?

Pay attention to your planning. You don’t want to send messages individually or in bulk, it’s spam.

Once you’ve set up a good timeline for each network, you can map it to a simple timeline that gives you a bird’s-eye view of how your content is progressing. This is an important step in the process.

Never share the same message twice. The best strategy is to add a simple variety by asking questions or adding a message to your suggestions.

This tactic is a great way to test new ideas for your followers. For example, do the questions increase reader engagement? It is also worth noting that this process gives you a great opportunity to try alternative heads.

3. Advertise your content

Paid Search, Social Media Ads, and Classified Ads (try Smart Ad Creator!) Are all good ways to attract visitors, build your brand, and get your website’s attention. Adjust your paid strategies to match your goals – do you just need more traffic or do you want more conversions? Each paid channel has its advantages and disadvantages. So think carefully about your goals before looking for a credit card.

If you expect more traffic to your website to lead to more sales, you need to use business-targeted keywords as part of your paid search strategies. Yes, competition for these search terms can be intense (and expensive), but the benefits can be beneficial.

4. Host a giveaway contest

People love free stuff and it’s no surprise. However, what may surprise you is that you can use free content to get more traffic. How? Organize a gift contest. Do you see how it works?

To enter the competition, entrants must enter their email address (which you will then add to your email list). It gets better, you can encourage people to share your competition with your friends. These campaigns will further increase traffic to your site and add it to your mailing list.

5. Social media marketing automation

Automating social media posting due to the use of social media posting software is a good idea. Pick the best one for you especially if you want to analyze the post results day and night.

You can’t sit because publishing is not enough. You need to talk to the people who interact with your content (customers, referrers, friends, collaborators). It is too important to ignore them. (Again, conversations like Mention help keep all conversations going.)


Final Thought

Use Google Analytics Social Reporting to track the results of your social media traffic and separate the next steps in your social media strategy from the numbers you get.

Sprout Social offers all sets of social media analytics to help you show you which posts work best. By integrating Sprout Social with Google Analytics, you can see which of your posts are driving traffic, conversions, and overall sales.

News! Be real, interesting, and most importantly, be social!


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