Adsense Themes to Boost Your Earnings

Adsense Themes to Boost Your Earnings

With the existence of millions of bloggers, website owners and users in the digital world, it is important to diversify the means of your income through online platforms. One of the easiest ways that Google has come up with, is the program Adsense.
Google Adsense simply allows users to post ads on their sites and earn through CTR and click-through rates.

However, one critical issue remains which is regarding earning. Users are generally under the misconception that they only have to post ads on their sites and then wait for the revenue to be generated.While some of the users start earning instantly, others ponder upon the reasons for Adsense not turning out to be a success for them.

The reason is that majority of the users are not aware about the right areas to place the ads, and the kinds of ads that they should post. To cater to this issue, we have compiled a list of the best quality and high yielding Adsense WordPress themes that will direct you in using Adsense for your site and initially maximize your earnings.



1. Divi

Divi The Ultimate WordPress Adsense and Visual Page Builder - in the category Adsense themes for WordPress

I will start with Divi by keeping it at the top of the list. Why? Because Divi is the father of all themes. There is nothing which this theme cannot do. You can build any website, you can use it as a blogging theme, you just name it and Divi will build it for you. More importantly, Divi is Adsense optimized. The theme understands how online ads work and where they should be placed. All you have to do is select a pre-made layout for your site and it will automatically arrange your ad according to the dynamics of the site.

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2. Newspaper


Newspaper is a truly inspirational theme for newspaper articles, journals, magazine displays, news and much more. The theme has been rated high because of its adaptability and responsiveness with Google Adsense. Newspaper theme exactly guides you on where to place the ad for maximum views and clicks. The presence of the intelligent ad system in the theme ensures that the ad is visible for the audience.

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3. UnoBlog


UnoBlog has been created specifically to increase the “click through rate” for bloggers. The ultimate aim of the theme is to make the blog/site more readable and easier to navigate for the audience. The theme places ads in targeted manners that it complements the blog/site and decreases the bounce rate, to increase earnings.

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Goliath is another amazing newspaper and magazine styled theme. This theme is specifically dedicated to making your website a stand out for the audience. Goliath comes with an in-built rating system to make it easier for marketing and advertising to be set up on the site. Inclusion of Google Adsense makes your job easier by highlighting the ads and sizes in the right manners.

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As the name suggests, Ad-Sense is the most ad friendly theme in the market. Integrated with Google Adsense, the theme is smart enough to increase user’s earnings from the site. All in all, Adsense is one of the best available themes for “ads management”. It includes ad placements, ad blockers, and content ads.

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6. Clickright

Clickright Theme

Clickright is another responsive and competent blogging theme, built to promote simplicity and elegance. The theme concentrates on creating designs that meets the demands and the layout of the blogs/sites. Clickright doesn’t believe in introducing complex designs for the site, rather it delivers simple layouts. The reason is that the aim of the theme is to place ads in a visible manner, for generating more clicks and views.

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7. CTRSpace

CTRSpace Theme

As a multipurpose theme, CTRSpace acts smartly when organizing ad spaces. The Adsense ready theme places the ads in a simple manner to divert the audience’s attention towards them. All in all, CTRSpace is equipped with one of the most advanced content management systems along with “heatmaps” techniques.

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8. isleMag

isleMag Theme

A clean theme that supports a wide range of blogs and sites, especially; tech magazines, newspapers, media websites, fashion blogs, or even photography & travel blogs. Adsense supported theme has a unique way of placing the ads in sidebars and headers through ad placement widgets. This increases the chances for audience to notice the ads.

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9. TruePixel

TruePixel Theme

TruePixel is another highly rated theme on WordPress, not because the theme is Adsense based, but because it is efficient in bringing traffic to the sites. The theme only places the ad in a sensible manner and brings audience to view these ads. Schema plugin acts as a powerful source for designing an exquisite layout for the site and ensuring that the audience reaches your site.

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10. Pixeldom

TruePixel Theme

Popularly known for the largest range of customization features a theme can provide, Pixeldom is a simple theme that offers increase in the earnings through ads. To make the blogs/sites further attractive Pixeldom utilizes “Adsense Leaderboard ads” to increase CTR rates. The theme is suitable for promoting blogs, tutorials and online businesses.

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One advantage of using Adsense themes is that you can learn more about your website and coordination with Adsense ads. The Adsense Themes mentioned above, are specially built to help bloggers, businesses, websites and other online avenues to understand how Adsense works and how can it be used effectively to start earning. Learn more about monetizing your website through Google Adsense, How to Add Adsense in WordPress manually and With Plugins.

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