Visual Composer Addon – Multimedia Carousel

Visual Composer Addon Multimedia Responsive Carousel comes in 2 versions: Classic and Perspective. It can also be customized as video gallery or audio gallery. Please see the features and check the live preview to convince yourself of its quality.




Installation –
How To Create a Perspective Carousel –
Transform a Perspective Carousel in a Classic Carousel –




This Collection comes in 2 versions:

– Classic
– Perspective
* It can also be customized as video gallery or audio gallery


touch screen navigation support for mobile

responsive design. Available parameter to disable responsive behavior. Check here responsive version

2 predefined skins: Back and White

multimedia support: Images, YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 video and HTML5 audio

lightbox support

it supports links for each image with parameter for _self or _blank

— Fixed Dimensions Version, Full Width Version and Responsive Version

— circle timer parameters for color, dimensions, transparency (available only for Perspective version)

— width & height parameters

— autoplay parameter

— show/hide controllers parameter

— show/hide bottom navigation parameter

— you can insert multiple instances in the same page

— detailed help documentation included.

— free updates





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