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Need Lono – HTML5 Audio Player With Playlist WordPress Plugin!

EX. 1 – Full Width

You can set the player full width and it will have the same width as the parent div.

Ex. 2 – Fixed Width

You can define the desired width for the player.

Ex. 3 – Without Playlist

The player without playlist which can play the audio file using the custom shortcode parameters.

EX. 4 – Minimal

Using the player parameters you can create minimal versions of the player.

play your audio files in a professional way

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Customizable Color Scheme

The prebuilt controllers (play button, next track button etc.) come in black or white versions. Using the parameters you can select any color scheme for the other player elements.

Responsive Design

The audio player will adapt to the width of any device, screen and orientation. It has full width or centered option.

Show/Hide Elements

You can set as visible or set as hidden, any element of the audio player according to your design and functionality needs.

Mobile Compatible

It is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems.

Read Folder

Option to automatically generate the player playlist from a folder which contains the MP3 files.

Multiple Instances

You can insert multiple audio players on your website or on the same page.

Optional Shortcode Parameters

You can define the MP3 file path, song title and song author directly in the shortcode parameters without using the player playlist

Multiple Parameters

Over 30 options from where you can customize your player, including: autoplay, loop, initial volume, show/hide playlist, show/hide playlist on init & color parameters.

Show/Hide Playlist

Button to show or hide the playlist and also option to load the player without playlist.

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